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Complexion of a Pearl

 The Complexion of a pearl is the face or surface.

 If a Pearl is flawless it is considered highly valuable however, most pearls, being of an organic nature, can exhibit one or two or sometimes more tiny indentations on their surface.  A medium to high grade pearl can have a high lustre but may also include one or two small pits in it's surface. A slightly lower grade pearl may have a low to medium lustre but may not have any indentations at all.

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What does "Cultured" Mean? Answer: "Cultured pearls are real pearls. Their outer coatings are the same material as a natural pearl, and they take 2 years to form in an Oyster Shell or a Mollusk's mantle. This takes place in a "Pearl Farm" environment including Freshwater Lakes or South Sea Pearls which are from Broome right up around the Northern Territory in Australia. High-quality cultured pearls can command impressive prices, and pearl jewellery still remains a sign of an elegant fashion sense".