Broome Staircase Designs

Pearl Staircase to the Moon and Staircase to the Sun Signature Designs!

Want to wear an amazing piece of jewellery that actually has a Significance to your Environment and Surroundings? Do you ever look at the Moon or Sunset and Wonder? Is that really a face in there? Why is the Sun so Orange at Sunset? Why is the Moon more Golden at times than others? How does the Moon cast its shadow across the mudflats of Broome? Have you ever stopped to take a photo of the Sun or the Moon because it is so beautiful and want to keep the memory and to show others? In my hometown of Broome, Western Australia we also have the most beautiful Sunsets and the most beautiful Full Moon Staircases! Do you have one at your place? Now's your Chance to Wear and Share your Experience and Memory whether from Broome, or your favourite Beach or Valley. You cannot not find my designs anywhere else in the World accept from this website and our Retail Store in Broome. I have designed many Staircase Pendants, Staircase Bracelets and earrings based soley on this Amazing Event which happens across the world every day of the Year! I hope that you enjoy looking through my Designs and find one that is just right for You! ……………………………………… Julia Prynne Company|Director|Designer