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Size of a Pearl

 The size of the pearl along with a high lustre and complexion is considered highly valuable.

Australian South Sea Pearls are the biggest pearls in the world.  They are cultured by inserting a nucleus into the Mother Shell (Mother of Pearl).  It may start it's reproductive life on a pearl farm with a 8mm nucleus which is inserted by a trained technician. This nucleus is made from a shell itself.  After two years of careful cultivation the size of the pearl will be around 8mm+. If this particular shell is of a high reproductive standard, it will then be used again for another two years with a slightly bigger nucleus; around 10mm, then so on and so on until the shell may produce a 20mm pearl at it's height of reproduction (although this is a very rare size).

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What does "Cultured" Mean? Answer: "Cultured pearls are real pearls. Their outer coatings are the same material as a natural pearl, and they take 2 years to form in an Oyster Shell or a Mollusk's mantle. This takes place in a "Pearl Farm" environment including Freshwater Lakes or South Sea Pearls which are from Broome right up around the Northern Territory in Australia. High-quality cultured pearls can command impressive prices, and pearl jewellery still remains a sign of an elegant fashion sense".