Broome Pearl Pendant Cape Leveque Staircase


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Broome Pearl Pendant Cape Leveque Staircase

This lovely Staircase Design is based on the Staircase in the Cape Leveque region. The Staircase that can be seen from here is at a great height where the moon is very bright and night time seems almost like day.  This Staircase to the Moon pendant has been created in sterling silver with gold electroplating and a Saltwater Pearl. To own a Staircase pendant is a proud moment that will last forever.

  • Pearl: Broome Pearl white 9-10mm button
  • Lustre: AAA
  • Metal: Sterking silver and 18ct gold electroplated
  • Dimensions: W = 10mm x H = 33mm
  • Design: Exclusive Staircase to the Moon Design
  • NecklaceNOT INCLUDED - recommendated: NEO003


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