About the Designer

"Anyone Can be Successful, you just have to believe in yourself, be prepared to take the knocks and ultimately have a Vision....."

"I travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia visiting Thailand, Indonesia, France, Italy and Greek Islands.  I lived in England for two years in my twenties working and travelling around the Countryside to Devon (where I was born) and Cornwall and then up to Scotland. I have also lived and worked in Wales. On all of my travels overseas and Australia I have collected Pearls and jewels - amber, semi-precious stones, shell from the beaches, driftwood, seeds from trees - literally anything that I could use in my jewellery creations.  Once I arrived back in Western Australia, whenever and wherever I could, I would create pieces of jewellery to support myself" said Julia Prynne.

Settling down and back in Australia, becoming a mother literally placed me into level of creativity, attending drawing courses and glasswork courses with all the free time I had on my hands. My hobby of jewellery making also gave me a creative escape and one day a friend gave me confidence to approach a retail outlet to sell my jewels and to my amazement people started buying my designs!  I then took the next step and from there, my first little jewellery business was created called "Crystals and Pearls'.

"Road Trip....."

Julia then took a road trip to Broome for a holiday and fell in love with the area, people and lifestyle and decided to settle in the beautiful town of Broome, 2200kms north of Perth.
Broome was a "creative paradise" said Julia, with It's colours, people, natural events, tides, Moons, storms, etc inspiring her so much that her designs just started flowing.
Also living in Broome gave julia the opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of pearls. After witnessing her first Staircase to the Moon Julia couldn't wait to embark on designing this beautiful event into jewellery which could be worn and appreciated by all that had seen it, wherein, eventually in 2004, Julia's next business idea was registered "Broome Staircase Designs".

"Staircase to the Moon" Pearl Designs........

The Staircase to the Moon Event is a  world class event only happens a few times each month and is breathtaking to see" said Julia Prynne.  This amazing event takes place on the beautiful shores of Broome and to see it is breathtaking. Thousands of people gather together to see this spectacular event which happens over a few days each month.
"The first time I saw this I was so inspired that I started designing literally straight away with each pearl being the centre-piece of each Staircase Design" said Julia Prynne. "My designs were very simple back then and featured silver and gold, shells and pearls, but everyone loved them because they were so different. " The first market stall I had in 2000, saw almost all 10 of my Staircase designs being sold on that day, so I knew I had come up with an idea that was totally unique" said Julia Prynne.  She also then started placing her beautiful designs into retail outlets around the Broome area ending up with six outlets.

Julia's First Shop Was Opened in 2004......

Julia proudly opened her first retail Outlet, Broome Staircase Designs Pearl Gallery at 9 Napier Terrace, Chinatown, Broome, Western Australia and spent 10 years in this location. The shop then relocated in 2015 to Pearlers Row in Dampier Terrace, Chinatown, just a stones throw from Napier Terrace.  

Since opening Julia has designed an extensive Signature Range of Staircase to the Moon Pearl Jewellery and other complimentary lines.  Her pieces include the beautiful Broome Pearl and Diamonds, Freshwater Pearls, Mother of Pearl and Shell Based Pearls.  Each design is lovingly created in Sterling Silver, 9ct and 18ct gold.  "I am currently working on a new Staircase Pearl Collection which should be ready for the new season", said a very excited Julia Prynne. Each Collection takes about one to two years to perfect.

Exclusive and Unique Designs.....

Each piece of their Staircase Collection is designed and made exclusively by Broome Staircase Designs for their showroom in Broome and will not be found anywhere else in the world.

Setting a beautiful pearl into each of these unique Staircase designs is always a proud moment for Designer Julia Prynne. "My staff and I are very proud of our unique Staircase Collection. When a customer purchases one of our pieces they not only have a unique piece of our Pearl Jewellery but a symbol of Broome.

To view our unique collection in person, please visit our showroom at Shop 1, 24-28 Dampier Terrace, Chinatown Broome or browse our Online Store from the comfort of your own home.  Please also like us on our facebook page -


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