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ERRORS WITHIN OUR COMPUTER GENERATED SALES (which may happen from time to time).

Please see the following information; -

As our Online Sales are computer generated we may from time to time experience a Glitch or Fatal Error, meaning that Customers may have received items at a higher discount than advertised.  Sometimes items that are not in the actual Sale are also included. Please see the following in regard thereto:  

Broome Staircase Reserves the right to cancel an order and refund payment of such items that maybe purchased whilst on Sale.  Our Sales are computer generated and may have been falsely priced due to circumstances beyond our control. 

For Example, a Sale that has been published as a 50% Off Sale and the item has been reduced by 50% again, rendering the item at 75% off in total or sometimes more. Also another item may have been included in this particular sale that are not actually on sale at the time.

This problem may occur when our website's application has been running slowly during the the Sale caused by our Hosting Service being overloaded. 

We apologise for any disappointment and we thank you for your understanding and your appreciation of the impact that this would have on our bottom line and profit margins and that we always strive to offer our Jewellery to our customers at the best prices possible.


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