What is the difference between South Sea Pearls and Freshwater Pearls

**South Sea Pearls are grown in an Oyster Shell

**Freshwater Pearls are grown in a Muscle Shell

**South Sea Pearls are nucleated with a shell bead

**Freshwater Pearls are nucleated with a piece of tissue mantle

**South Sea Pearls are White, Cream and Gold and the Tahitian Pearls are Black (from Tahiti and Cook islands and Abrohlos Islands

**Freshwater Pearls are White, Cream and can be changed into a variety of amazing colours

**South Sea Pearls range from 8mm - 20mm (rare)

**Freshwater Pearls range from 3mm - 16mm (rare)

Both Pearls take around 2 years to Cultivate.  Both Pearls are very popular by demand. Both Pearls have a good lustre.  Both Pearls can be set in gold or silver settings.


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